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​ SNAI News Monthly: September 2017

President Li Kouqing attends China Enterprise Management Research Association 2017 annual meeting and delivers a keynote speech

On August 25, the International Symposium on the "Belt and Road" Initiative and the Chinese Enterprise Management as well as the 2017 Annual Meeting of China Enterprise Management Research Association, co-sponsored by the China Enterprise Management Research Association, Shihezi University and Jiang Yiwei Enterprise Reform and Development Academic Fund, was held at Shihezi University, Xinjiang. President Li, who is also Vice President of the China Enterprise Management Research Association, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

SNAI-CUHK EMPAcc Program 16th Cohort’s Graduation Ceremony and the 18th Cohort’s Opening Ceremony successfully held

On August 26th, the Executive MPAcc program cosponsored by Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) held its 16th cohort’s graduation ceremony and the 18th cohort’s opening ceremony at SNAI. President Li Kouqing, and Dean of the CUHK Business School Chen Jiale attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

2017 Asian Evaluation Week successfully held, Assistant Minister Zhao Mingji addresses the opening ceremony

From September 4 to September 8, the 2017 Asian Evaluation Week, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of PRC and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), co-organized by the ADB’s Independent Evaluation Department and the Shanghai National Accounting Institute (the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute), supported by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. 

Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Finance Zhao Mingji, Director-General of the Independent Evaluation Department of the ADB Marvin Taylor-Dormond, and Deputy Director-General of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance Xing Zixia, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches respectively. SNAI/AFDI President Li Kouqing chaired the opening ceremony. 

The event has attracted over 190 delegates from performance evaluation departments in 25 countries and 30 international organizations. This is the second AEW following the inaugural AEW held in Xi’an last year. 

President Li Kouqing attends 2017 GDLN Global Council Meeting in South Korea

The 2017 Global Development Learning Network (GDLN) Global Council Meeting was held in Seoul, South Korea, from August 31 to September 1. As a member of the GDLN Global Council, President Li Kouqing is invited to attend the meeting to introduce the SNAI’s Global Mobile Knowledge Sharing Program and Institutional Knowledge Sharing (OKS) Capacity Building Program, and to communicate with all the other council members coming from different regions.

Workshop on Fiscal Policy for Climate Action held at SNAI

On September 12-15, the International Workshop on Fiscal Policy for Climate Action, co-sponsored by the SNAI/AFDI and the World Bank's Climate Action Peer Group (CAPE), was held at the SNAI. The workshop focuses on the impact of climate-smart fiscal policy on taxation, energy subsidy reform and debt financing innovation. About 30 delegates from the government agencies and academia in 13 economies in Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia, Maldives, Mongolia, the Philippines, Fiji, etc. participated in the training.

SNAI Publication: Financial Statement Analysis and Stock Valuation

Recently, a monograph entitled Financial Statement Analysis and Stock Valuation, written by Professor Guo Yongqing of the Teaching and Research Department of SNAI, has been published. The book, with a special focus on value, sets up a financial statement analysis framework, and then conducts in-depth analysis on the relationship between corporate strategy and financial statements, and the relationship between different components of the financial statements.

2017 MPAcc for Developing Countries opened at SNAI

The opening ceremony of 2017 Master of Professional Accounting for Developing Countries, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, co-organized by Shanghai National Accounting Institute and Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute, was held on September 20. 

Director of the Academy for International Business Officials of the Ministry of Commerce Xu Kai, SNAI President Li Kouqing, Vice President Liu Qin, and Assistant President Yi Hongxun attended the opening ceremony of the Program. 

A total of 29 international students from nine countries including Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Antigua and Barbuda, Malawi, Ethiopia, and South Sudan were admitted to this program. This is also the third batch of international students enrolled into this Program of SNAI/AFDI since 2015.

Workshop on Management and Reform of Government Procurement of Services: China Experience held in Beijing

Recently, the first Sino-Vietnamese Finance Officials Capacity Building Program in 2017, which is themed "Workshop on Management and Reform of Government Procurement of Services: Experience of China", was held in Beijing. It was jointly organized by the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI) and the Institute of Financial Training (IFT) of Vietnam Ministry of Finance.

18 delegates from the Treasury Department and the State Reserve Department of the Vietnam Ministry of Finance, the Financial Press, the School of Finance and Accounting, and other public institutions in Vietnam attended the training.

AFDI participates in the KDI international distance learning seminar series

On September 21, the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI) participated in the 7th webinar of a series of distance learning seminars of the blended training organized by the KDI School of Public Policy and Management, Korea Development Institute. 

Participants from 12 institutions in Mongolia, India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and South Korea gave wrap-up presentations on the country experience of the development of E-government in their respective countries during this webinar.

 “Leading Accounting Talents’ Journey to the Northeast” for National LATP Special Support Program participants held in Changchun

On September 22, the Changchun leg of the public welfare activity of “Leading Accounting Talents’ Journey to the Northeast” held for the participants of National Leading Accounting Talents Special Support Program by SNAI in cooperation with Jilin Provincial Department of Finance, China Accounting News and Jilin University was held at Jilin University. 

SNAI Assistant President Yi Hongxun, Director of the Accounting Department of Jilin Provincial Department of Finance Wang Wenyu, editor-in-chief of China Accounting News Chen Qinghua and Vice Dean of the School of Management of Jilin University Zhang Gongyi attended the opening ceremony.

NHFPC budgetary organizations of the first phase of economic management reserve leader training courses successfully graduated

After a total of six trainings in the last two years, the first Leading Economic Management Reserve Talents Program for the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) budgetary organizations is successfully completed recently. Deputy Inspector of the Finance Department of NHFPC Wang Mingxia and SNAI President Li Kouqing attended the graduation ceremony.

SNAI holds a welcoming party for its newly-enrolled EMBA, EMPAcc and international students

On the evening of September 23, SNAI held a grand welcoming party for its newly enrolled students of the 2017 MPAcc Program for Developing Countries, the 15th cohort of Executive MBA in financial track, and the 17th cohort of Executive MPAcc. The theme of the party is "Friendship is not an accident." Students from different programs, classes, countries and backgrounds gathered together to demonstrate their culture and talents, and to build friendship among classmates, faculty and staff, and SNAI at large.