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Zhao Min

Dr. Zhao is the professor of Shanghai National Accounting Institute and she got a Ph.D. degree in finance in 2007. Now she is the director of the Department of International Graduate Education.

Her research interests are in micro-finance, and financial management, especially rural finance and inclusive finance. She also studies in the application of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), budget management and financial management in public sectors of developing countries. 

She has published almost 20 articles in international journals such as the Journal of Asian Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Public Finance Research, Asia and Pacific Economics.


Fields of Research: 

Micro-finance, and financial management, especially rural finance and inclusive finance.

Application of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), performance-based budget management and financial management in public sectors.


Teaching Courses for MPAcc

Finance Theories and Policies

Financial risk management

Performance-based Management


PPP Project Management


Research Fundings

1. Research on the Performance Evaluation System of Department's Overall Expenditure. Ministry of Finance, 2021

2. The status quo and challenges of microfinance companies in Shanghai. Ministry of Finance, 2020

3. Research on Performance Evaluation Working Mechanism under the Background of Comprehensive Budget Performance Management. Ministry of Finance. 2020

4. Budget Performance Management for Special Fund Projects for Industrial Transformation and Upgrading. Ministry of Finance, 2018


Main Publications 

1. Wang Lei. ZHAO Min. Risk Allocation Strategies for PPP Projects Based on ANP-Shapley Model, Public Finance Research, 2017.

2. ZHAO Min. Wang Lei. Research on Quality Standards and Control of the Fiscal Expenditure Performance Evaluation - International Experience and Enlightenment, Public Finance Research, 2016.

3. ZHAO Min. Wang Lei. The research and enlightenment on project performance management system based on DMF of the Asian Development Bank, Public Finance Research, 2014. 

4. Peng Runzhong, ZHAO Min. Financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region under the financial crisis [J]J, Asia-Pacific Economics, 2010 02, 2010(2): 34~37.

5. ZHAO Min. Wang Lei. Financial Inclusion in the People’s Republic of China: Achievements and Challenges. Financial Inclusion in Asia. Aug. 2014

6. ZHAO Min. LI Zhan. The Status Quo and Challenges of Developing Results-based Management System in Asian Developing Countries, Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Jan. 2008.

7. ZHAO Min, LI Zhan. Research on the Management of High-tech Startup Firms by Chaos Theory. Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Mar. 2007.


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