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SNAI Notice on Field Visit forInternational Students

第一条 按照教学计划参加由学院组织的异地移动课堂学习时,留学生必须认真阅读并签署本须知,交由留办存档,方可出行。未签署本须知者,不得参加当次移动课堂教学活动,相关现场教学成绩按零分处理。

Article 1 To participate in field visitorganized by SNAI outside Shanghai, international students shall read carefullyand sign on this notice, which is to be archived by the International StudentOffice. Those who do not sign on this notice cannot attend the field visitconcerned and their score for this field visit will be treated as zero.


第二条 留学生参加异地移动课堂学习,出行前应:

1.  根据目的地天气情况,准备适当的衣物;

2.  根据自身身体情况,备好常用药品;

3.  了解当地人文风俗习惯,尊重当地文化;

4.  认真学习现场教学相关任务与要求,明确教学目的;

5.  移动课堂教学的出勤、课堂表现、学习报告等评分规则与院内课程评分规则一致;

Article 2 Before leaving Shanghai for fieldvisit, international students shall:

1. Prepare appropriate clothing according to theweather of the destination;

2. Stock common drug based on their own physicalconditions;

3. Learn the customs and habits of thedestination and respect local culture;

4. Bear in mind the tasks, requirements and thepurpose of the field visit; 

5. Be aware that rules and standards forattendance, in-class performance and course paper of field visit are the sameas on-campus courses.


第三条 留学生在异地进行移动课堂教学期间,应:

1.  听从留办管理人员和当地接待人员的统一安排。不迟到、不早退、不擅自单独行动;如有发生将根据情况扣减异地教学出勤成绩;

2.  严格遵守纪律,24小时内保持手机畅通,以备紧急联络的需要;

3.  统一返回酒店后,不得擅自外出,否则由此产生任何安全问题,由留学生本人承担;

4.  参加相关活动时应注意相应的着装要求,尊重当地文化习俗;

5.  遵守当地相关场所规定,如违反相关规定,出现如损坏公共财物、干扰教学秩序等违规、违法行为,由留学生本人承担一切相关责任;

6.  异地现场教学期间,留学生要做好课堂笔记。教学结束后一周内要根据要求提交现场教学考察报告;

Article 3 During the field visit period,international students shall:

1. Follow the instructions and arrangements ofstaff of the International Student Office and local staff; not to be late forclass, to take early leave, or to act alone; incidences of aforementionedbehaviors lead to deduction of attendance points of field visit;

2. Abide by all rules and disciplines and keepmobile phone on around the clock for contact should emergency arise;

3. Not go outside the hotel after the classreturns from activities; those who fail to do so are held accountable for anysafety consequences;

4. Comply with the dress codes for activitiesand respect local culture and customs;

5. Abide by rules of local venues; forincidences of damage of public property, disturbance of teaching order, orother violations of laws and regulations, the responsibility shall be borne onthe international student(s) concerned;

6. During on-site study, international studentsshall take notes and submit a study report as required within one week afterthe conclusion of field visit.


第四条 在异地进行移动课堂教学期间,留办有权根据需要调整行程,最终行程以留办实际安排为准。

Article 4 During the field visit period,the International Student Office reserves the right to change the itinerary asnecessary; the final itinerary is subject to the actual arrangement of theInternational Student Office.


第五条 对不服从安排的留学生,留办有权提前结束该生预定行程,强制安排其返校。该生当次移动课堂成绩按零分处理,并不得有补考或重修机会。

Article 5 For international students who donot follow instructions and arrangement, the International Student Office hasthe authority to terminate their itinerary ahead of schedule and force them toreturn to SNAI. The score for the field visit concerned is treated as zero, andthe students do not have a chance to sit the make-up exam or retake the course.





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