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  • SNAI Internatinal students join the 2018 International Simulation Game Competiton

    (Author: Kevin Strawn )On December 1, 2018, three (3) teams from SNAI successfully entered the finals for the International Simulation Game competition. These participants: 4SLao C...
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  • The welcome party for the 2018 interntional students and National Day celebration held

    The welcome party for the 2018 international students and National Day celebration was held on September 30. All juniors and seniors joined together to present different ...
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  • The 2018 IMA shcolarship award ceremony held

    The 2018 IMA award ceremony was held on November 14, 2018 at the Shanghai National Accounting Institute.Dr. Li kouqing, president of SNAI and Dr. Kip Krumwiede, director ...
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  • Opening ceremony of the 2018 Master of Professional Accounting Program held

    The opening ceremony of 2018 Master of Professional Accounting Program was held on October 9 at Shanghai National Accounting Institute. The 2018 program recruited 31 students from ...
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  • The thesis defense of 2016 international students successfully held

    On May 26, 2018, SNAI holds thesis defense for graduating international class of 2018, which consists of students from developing countries and studying towards Master of Accounti...
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  • SNAI receives IMA endorsement

    On May 5th, American Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) officially announced seven institutes, which they recognize for IMA’s Higher Education Endorsement Program. The seve...
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  • Special topic seminar on English writing held for international students

    To further improve international students' English thesis writing skills, SNAI International Students' Office invited Professor Xian Guang Xu to host a special topic seminar on En...
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  • International students visit China Finance and Taxation Museum on inaguration of SNAI field study site

    SNAI held inauguration ceremony for its Field Study Site at China Finance and Taxation Museum on March 20, 2018.Dr Yuhuan Li, the curator of Museum, and Professor Kouqing Li, Pres...
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