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  • My life in SNAI -- M Tsawm Hkawn Myanmar

    Name: Mrs. M Tsawm Hkawn   Admission Time: September, 2018Nationality: Myanmar         Graduation Time: July, 2020 Major & Cla...
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  • SNAI and me -- That Tevoneath Cambodia

    Name: That Tevoneath        AdmissionTime: 2019Nationality: Cambodian        Graduation Time: 2021Major & ...
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  • Mid autumn festival and Me -- Sibounkham Phimmasone Lao PDR

    About Mid-autumn festival:-Do you know which day is theMid-autumn festival?The Mid-Autumn Festivalis falling on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunarcalendar...
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  • The graduation ceremony of 2019 MPAcc international students

    The graduation ceremony of 2019 MPAcc international students has been held on 2019 July 4th.The director of Mofcom Ha Yu,director of Shanghai municipal commission of commerce Liu B...
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  • Strategy Management Course Review, Semester II, 2018 International Students, SNAI

    [留学生课堂] 2018级留学生《战略管理》课程反馈Strategy ManagementCourse Review, SemesterII,2018 International Students, SNAI (文:Som Nalin; Ronnell Armbrister; Azarias Hakizumwam...
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  • Feedback on Macroeconomics Course

    [留学生课堂] 2018级留学生《宏观经济学》课程反馈Feedbackon Macroeconomics Course (文:Huot Borin;摄影:陈宝莲)3-4月,2018级留学生参加了由张敏教授主讲的《宏观经济学》课程,反响良好,获益...
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  • The second SNAI Fun with Chinese contest for international students successfully held

    The second SNAI Fun with Chinese contest  for international students was held in the afternoon of May 9th.Mr. Yi hongxun President Assistant together with the other four heads...
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  • The first series of "Global Connect" forum successfully held on March 22, 2019

    On March 22, two classes of the MPAcc international students and the class of CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) students had a forum about “How to build a bette...
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