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  • International students join the celebration for SNAI’s 20th anniversary

    SNAI celebrated its 20th anniversary on November 21st, which marks its 4th Alumni Day. International students and alumni from 12 countries in Asia and Africa sent their warm blessi...
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  • 2020 IMA award ceremony held at SNAI

    The 2020 IMA award ceremony was held at SNAI in the afternoon of November 8th. This is the first time that the event was held both online and offline at the same time. Due to the p...
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  • Celebration event held to send warm blessings on the Mid-Autumn Festival

    On the occasion of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festivals, the Department of International Graduate Education held a celebration event for the 2019 international students in the...
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  • Chinese embassies awarded certificates to international students

    Due to the pandemic, most of the international students could not come back to China to receive their degrees at graduation ceremony. After active contacts with embassies of China ...
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  • Graduation ceremony of class of 2020 held online and offline simultaneously

    The graduation ceremony of the Master of Professional accounting Program of class of 2020 was held at SNAI in the afternoon of July 8, 2020. Li kouqing, SNAI President, Yi hongxun,...
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    Imagine the Covid-19 could betransmitted technologically, and the use of internet facilitated its spread; wherepeople accessing their bank accounts could contract the disease from ...
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  • SNAI President Li Kouqing and staff meet and greet the international students during winter vacation

    On January 12th, SNAI President Li kouqing and staff of International Students Office visited the 2019 International students who stay in Shanghai for the winter break and bro...
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  • SNAI international students visit Guangxi for field study

    During December 2-6, 2019, SNAI organized 2018 international students to visit Guangxi province for field study of China’s experience in regional cooperation and poverty alleviatio...
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