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International students visit China Finance and Taxation Museum on inaguration of SNAI field study site

SNAI held inauguration ceremony for its Field Study Site at China Finance and Taxation Museum on March 20, 2018.Dr Yuhuan Li, the curator of Museum, and Professor Kouqing Li, President of SNAI made opening address. The 2017 international students attended the ceremony.


On behalf of China Finance and Taxation Museum, Dr Yuhuan Li introduced the history of the museum and showed warm welcome and hospitality to SNAI faculty and students. Founded in 2004, China Finance and Taxation Museum is not only an educational site of Chinese History of Finance and Taxation but also a research center for academic exchanges. The museum currently maintains five national-standard exhibition rooms in topics of, namely, Wealth in China, Ancient Chinese Finance and Taxation, Modern Chinese Finance and Taxation, Current Chinese Finance and Taxation and Current Chinese Accounting History. Dr Yuhuan Li shows adamant support for establishment of SNAI Field Study Site .


As the president, Kouqing Li made opening address in representation of the SNAI. He first shows appreciation to the well-thought arrangement and preparation for the fieldstudy site. He mentions an adage from a Chinese emperor - "Take mirror tobe reference for personal appearances, take history to be reference for futureand take people to be reference for the merit of policies".

 The cause forthis field trip to China Finance and Taxation Museum is for students to learn lessons from history - Understandings of the history and culture of China'sTaxation enables our international students to better interpret the achievementsof China's economic reforms and the mechanism behind it. Professor Li uses thelively exhibitions in the museum as metaphor for a history textbook of the development of Chinese Tax and Accounting system. He sincerely hopes that all students can find their desired answers from this textbook and always use history as a reference throughout their future journeys, and make history, as elites of their fields in their countries' future developments.

President Li and Curator  Li unveiled the nameplate of the new field study site. Then they took a group photo with visiting international students, who then toured around all exhibition rooms and engaged in lively discussion on the topics of Chinese Finance and Taxation Developments.  

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