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The thesis defense of 2016 international students successfully held

On May 26, 2018, SNAI holds thesis defense for graduating international class of 2018, which consists of students from developing countries and studying towards Master of Accounting degree. Experts and professionals from Fudan University, Shanghai Finance and Economics University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Social Science Institute as well as other research institutes sat on three review committee with professors from SNAI. Together, they examined the works of international students throughout the two years of study.


The thesis defense consisted of four parts.Firstly, international students each gave pitch for their degree thesis. Following the briefing, the experts from the committee gave review and constructive recommendations to the thesis and raised questions. The internationals students answered questions from the review committee and defended their thesis. Finally, the ballot is cast by review committee to determine if the thesis as well as defense is up to par with the thesis standards and whether Master Degree should be awarded. Throughout the thesis defense,numerous excellent reports confirmed the international student’s gain in knowledge and understanding during their study in China, as well as their own contemplation and reflection in their country’s current situations. The review committee too, gave excellent review and constructive feedbacks that broadened the international student’s perspective on their field.

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