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SNAI Internatinal students join the 2018 International Simulation Game Competiton

(Author: Kevin Strawn )On December 1, 2018, three (3) teams from SNAI successfully entered the finals for the International Simulation Game competition. These participants: 4SLao Corporation, KH Royal and 3 Musketeers were all enthusiastic, yetanxious about the entire experience - not knowing what to expect, we maintained optimism. Upon arrival at SHU-UTS AILC Business School, Shanghai University,greeting exchanges were had between groups. Over 40 participating teams from different countries registered for this competition. Unfortunately, only 14 made to the finals.  

About the Competition

Afterthe initial “meet and greet”, it was time for the teams to engage in a fierce competition – where retained earnings was the ultimate deciding factor in each round for the championship.

We played 3 rounds consecutively and every decision was critical to the over all success. Both operational and financial key performance indicators measured success.

Did you think that was all?

Ofcourse, there was a red carpet show where all teams had a 2-minute introduction of their respective groups.  This section was not for scored points but merely an interactive session giving the judges alasting impression of the team.

There were creative expressions in the form of song, dance and speeches – all of which depicted the group’s cohesion and artistry.


We are still not through yet!

Lastly,each team had to give an 8-minute presentation of the group’s performance. Yes! We had to battle through this stage given time constraint and tough Q&A’s.

During this section, the presentation must include:

*     Clearly defined initial strategy

*     Key performance indicators

*     Adjustments for initial strategy

*     Invent the competitor by working for them for 5 years, what would you do?

This section was also critical as points were awarded based on the content of the presentation and the Q&A.

Finally – The award ceremony

All things being equal, the 3 teams from SNAI managed to place 1st &2nd runner- up respectively. We were strengthened with impeccable team aptitude. The knowledge gained during lectures and discussions influenced our decision-making skills positively.

Lessons Learned

Ø  Better understanding of the complexity global business operations in a dynamic competitive environment;

Ø  Comprehension of each of the management-related disciplines;

Ø  Financial implications of the strategic and operational decisions;

Ø  Invaluable experiences inteamwork and problem solving.

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