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The first series of "Global Connect" forum successfully held on March 22, 2019

On March 22, two classes of the MPAcc international students and the class of CCCC (China Communications Construction Company) students had a forum about “How to build a better connected world”.

The international students shared 5 topics which are:

1.    Investment Opportunity in Cambodia

2.    Investing opportunities in Nepal

3.    Mongolian current infrastructure development and future opportunities

4.    Investment Opportunities in Malawi

5.    Citizenship by Investment Program in Antigua & Barbuda

And the CCCC shared about:

1.    Introduction of CCCC

2.    Promotes the development of the Cambodian economy

3.    Build a worldcalss city for South Asia

4.    CCCC's contribution to Kenya's railway capacity

5.    Port Construction Boost Africa Economic Development

Here are the comments of the presenters:

1.Ses Monor - Cambodia

It is a good opportunity for me to share the reasons why investors should invest their money in Cambodia as Cambodia is ready to welcome investors especially from China. But fortunately CCCC companyis already there for a long time so it is also a great news for Cambodian people to have good quality of Express way to Sihanukville province.

2.Doranga Pradeep - Nepal

It was very nice and informative interaction to know about the CCCC activities in different countries. As CCCC is a  leading construction company, we always welcome in Nepal to invest in mega construction projects and get benefit from win-win approach. Also, I am very happy to share some informations about Nepalese policies on foreign investment.

3.Shagai Bukhbat - Mongolia

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to organisers who had preparing this forum. It was a very efficient forum that is sharing knowledge and understanding the global trend of infrastructure development, also how China is playing an essential role for infrastructure development and got remarkable results over the world in recent years. 

The CCCC org is the leading player of infrastructure development in the world who is contributing to the developing economies infrastructure. And the colleague and team of the CCCC org have impressive knowledge and experience about the infrastructure development, who are coming from different side of the world and gathering together here to sharing their thoughts and future opportunities. 

4.Kevin Strawn - Antigua and Barbuda

The Global Connect forum was the first of its kind hosted by SNAI. In this forum, students represented their countries  by discussing various development issues and the resulting investment opportunities in their country.It was pretty informative as we listened and watched presentations  by the staff of China Communication Construction Company on how they have facilitated developing countries ininfrastructure, real estate development and other business avenues. This forum was effective in that a joint collaboration was had between country ambassadors(students at SNAI) and CCCC. With the knowledge gained from CCCC and there presented countries at SNAI, it is my opinion that a win-win outcome between China and developing countries could be accomplished.

5.Fwasani Nthara - Malawi

First of all, i would like to thank SNAI and 4C for organizing such a beautiful invent and giving me the opportunity to talk about investment opportunities available in my country Malawi.

It was great invent and i enjoyed all the presentations especially the Kenya rail construction project presented by mr Wu Kai and the Colombo city presentation.  i gues i liked these presentation the most because they presented  about what is lacking in my own country ie  good  and cheap transportation system to connect my country to its neibours Mozambique and Tanzania and the Colombo project is so beautiful and  one can only wish  for the same project  to be in his/ her country. 

Finally i was completely blown off by the fact that mr Bruce stayed in my country for 5  good years contructing the beautiful Karonga - Chitipa road.  it made  me so happy that  my country is also part of 4C projects. Lastly, I look forward for more of 4C projects in my country and i will be more than happy to work with them in the future.

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