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Strategy Management Course Review, Semester II, 2018 International Students, SNAI

[留学生课堂] 2018级留学生《战略管理》课程反馈

Strategy ManagementCourse Review, SemesterII,2018 International Students, SNAI


(文:Som Nalin; Ronnell Armbrister; Azarias Hakizumwami;摄影:陈宝莲)



t is a great honor to present this reviewof our experience from The Strategy Management Course taught by our esteemedPresident and Professor Dr. Kouqing Li at Shanghai National AccountingInstitute during the period of May 20, 2019 to June 20, 2019. StrategicPositioning is in fact one of the most vital contributors to the success of anation, organization, family and individual. In life, there is not one personthat hasn’t set some goal for themselves; but have they attained those goals,and exactly how they have attained them, is directly linked to the “Strategies”they’ve applied. Dr. Li’s first message to us in the very first session wasthis, “I am not here as a teacher, I amhere as a Facilitator”. This statement could not be more true. Aspreviously mentioned, we all have our personal goals, and each organization hastheirs, but he truly equipped us with a superior reasoning capacity forStrategy Management and its application that can propel us into a fruitfulfuture. Dr. Li’s course adds value to each student as a Strategic BusinessLeader, and through the contribution of his tutelage, each organizationaffiliated with his protégés reap the benefit of the same.

Direct Quotes


hecourse provides the benefit on each trainee to get the inspiration of reachingyour dream or goal by a pathway of strategy planning; it also reflects theadvantage of strategy not only to an individual person but also reflects agrowth company in the business world. – Ms. Som Nalin, The Kingdom of Cambodia


 amgrateful that Dr. Li was so willing to share his wealth of knowledge with us.We were not only exposed to his expertise as a trained professional, but gainedinsight on his perception and application of Strategy drawn from his personalexperiences. He inspired our views from a wider lens and a new vantage point,and has equipped us with a tool with which we can be valuable assets to anycapacity in which we’re to perform in this global society. All in all, he hasinspired a paradigm shift in our approach to strategy setting andimplementation and empowered us with a “Growth Mindset”. – Ms. RonnellArmbrister, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas


n our 2018 master of professionalaccounting class in SNAI, with our lecturer Professor Kouqing Li, we covereddifferent topics of the strategy management through class lecture, casespresentation and interpretation. Most focused on analysis of external andinternal environment, business level strategy, diversification andinternationalization strategies for certain industries and companiesrespectively.  The reputation of thiscourse is beyond SNAI Campus because it reflects our thoughts not only foracademic purpose but for boosting our countries’ economic development throughreforms, business and cooperation. – Mr. Azarias Hakizumwami, Republic of Rwanda


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