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Mid autumn festival and Me -- Sibounkham Phimmasone Lao PDR

About Mid-autumn festival

-Do you know which day is theMid-autumn festival

The Mid-Autumn Festivalis falling on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunarcalendar. The date of the festival in Gregorian calendar changes every year,but it is usually in September or October. This year falls on September 13th.


-Do you know the Mid-autumn festivalhave other name

Yes, it calls MoonFestival, as at that time of the year the moon is at its roundest andbrightest.


-Have you followed any Mid-autumnfestival‘s culture behaviorssuch as enjoy the gloriousfull mooneat moon cakeadmirethe beauty of osmanthus flowerdrink the osmanthusflower wine etc.

I have known that theMid-autumn festival is roughly in September every year. In my country, everyChinese family would prepare to celebrate this festival. My family did notcelebrate this festival, but my friend’s family did, and I normally receive somemoon cake every year. On the same day there’s a traditional celebration called “BounKhao Salak”, which is the day of a remembrance of our ancestorsthe ancestors.During this festival, the Lao make offerings to the monks at the local Wat(temple) on behalf of deceased ancestors. The participant gives "goodmerits" to devote.


-Do you know any stories or fairy talesabout the moonLike The Goddess Chang's fly to the moonWu Gang cut down the osmanthus treetherabbit making the immortal medicinethe emperorvisiting the moon palace etc.

Iheard that Mid-autumn Festival has a long history, but I don’t know in detail.

-Do you like moon cake during yourchildhoodAnd nowWhat flavorof moon cake would you like best

When I was a child, I rememberthat I used to eat moon cake, but I did not remember the flavor. Last year, mycolleague gave me a box of moon cake with different flavors. I tried the redbean and Salted Egg Yolk flavors and I think I like both of them.     

-What do you mostly want to do duringthe mid-autumn festivalFrom the past till nowdoes it change?(about 250 words

Something I want to domost during the mid-autumn festival is to eat the moon cake, because it is a verydelicious dessert that could not find to eat all year. They are made for themid-autumn festival only. So, I would like to learn how to make moon cake becausethey are meant for this festival. If I could make them, I will then give to myfamily and friends. In addition, if I could make them I could eat whenever I want.  

-What will you do this year during thefestival?(about 300 words

SinceI am studying in Shanghai, I will spend my time sightseeing around Shanghai tosee how locals celebrate the festival. I will go to Zhujiajiao Town in morningtime to take some pictures and spend my time sipping tea at a riverside teahouse. In the evening, I will go to the Bund to see the full moon there andtake some pictures to send to my family and friends. It will be a beautifulmoon with a nice view.

About Home

-How long have you been leaving home

Ihave been in Shanghai for almost one year.

-Will you come back to your home thisyear

Yes,I will definitely go back to visit my home country.

-Do you have a similar festival aboutfamily reunion in your country

In my country we alsohave a similar festival about reunion call Lao New Year festival in mid of April.All family members will bring water, mixed with perfume and flowers to pour andgive a wish to each other. Some families hold Baci ceremonies with the beliefthat it will bring luck and we also ask for senior family members forforgiveness for things that we unintentionally did during the year.    


-What do you do for celebrating thisfestival in your countryTell us the story about yourprecious memory

As mentioned earlierthat on the same day in my country has Boun Khao Salak the day celebrates the ancestors.During this festival, people make offerings to the monks at the local Wat(temple) on behalf of deceased ancestors especially for my father who passedaway four years ago. So in the morning I went to a temple to give alms with myfamily. In the evening, all of the family members have dinner together. Peoplein my family like to eat moon cake a lot, so every year we will gather and eatthe moon cake together. Since my mum is half Chinese as my grandfather isChinese, we do celebrate it a bit by just gathering and having moon cakestogether.


-Doyou still remember the day that you left home to China?(About 300 words

Istill remember the day that I left my hometown to China, it is the day thatstarted my new journey. Studying in China is like a dream comes true. Because Iwas a child, I had a chance to study Chinese, so once in my life, I wish to visithere. This is the first time that I left my family for such a long time. Atthat time, I had two feelings. Firstly, I was excited to live in a new place,to meet new friends from ten countries, and learn new things such as cultures,knowledge and so on from them.  Secondly, I felt a little bit worried about my mother and my family.Because my mother was sick at that time, I was afraid no one would take a goodcare of her when I am there with her. Luckily, my sister always told me to notworry about that, she will look after mother like I do, and my younger brother nearlygraduated, he would look after our mother as well as I do.  Finally, I felt better when I heard aboutthat.

I still remember theday that I left my country, which was on September 14, 2018. My family andfriends sent me to the airport. At that time, I was trying to stay strong and didn’twant to cry when I saw my family and friends said goodbye to me. We took somepictures and hugged for saying goodbye. I left my country to Shanghai with fourfriends and all of us are women.

-Every time when you‘re back to homeare there any changes for your hometown and your family members?(200 words

Every time when I go backhome, various things are changed. There are some new buildings beingconstructed in the city of Vientiane Capital. Some building are nearly finishedand a lot of building are still constructing. The Lao government has invested alot with the infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, schools, electricity tothe rural areas and so on. Especially, China-Laos railway, which has now been60% in progress. The government attempts to develop our country all the time inorder to make the country more modern than the past. Also, to improve theeducation system to be as good as international standards. In addition, anumber of foreign visitors has increased in the past years. They mostly intendto visit natural places in Laos. Chinese tourists are among the top 3 to visitLaos.

When I come to study inChina it makes me realize that how distance makes us miss each other. Everytime I go back home, the members of my family getting older as of the nature ofhumans. Every day we talk to each other, we do many activities such as feedingthe pets, cooking Lao food, traveling around the city, visiting our cousins, goingto the temples and so on. We are all happy to do the activities.  One of the obvious changes is my mum’s weightwas lost, because she was sick and she’s now better. My younger brothergraduated from Australia and come back to look after my mother. Now, He gets ajob already. He works hard with his job. My nephew, he is talkative thanbefore. My niece, she is so pretty, and she can now walk. We always havedinners together on weekends and talk to each other about life stories.

-What do you want to say to your family?(150 words

My family is a bigfamily. There are parents, two sisters, brother, younger brother and me. For myfamily, I would like to say thank you very much to my family for their supportme in terms of money and encouragement. Especially my parents, who have givenme life, supported me for my education since I was young until now without anyconditions. I would like to say thank you, my sibling, to teach me when I didn’tunderstand the lesson from school, to help take care of me, help and give megood advice when I faced hard situations. Even though we are often arguing, whenI faced bad situations they did not hesitate to help me. I love and care forthem very much. Although we did not tell each other, we know by their actions.I promise that after I graduate the master's program I will be back to lookafter all of them. Finally, I would like to say I love and miss all of them.


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