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SNAI and me -- That Tevoneath Cambodia

Name: That Tevoneath        AdmissionTime: 2019

Nationality: Cambodian        Graduation Time: 2021

Major & Class: Master ofProfessional Accounting


1.   Give us a Brief introduction about yourself including but notlimited to why did you choose to come to SNAI? And what was your previous studyand work experience in your hometown?

Ø My nameis Tevoneath. I’m from Cambodia. Currently, I am an awardee under CSCscholarship at Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI) in Master ofProfessional Accounting program (MPAcc). When I successfully finished highschool, I pursued my bachelor degree of Business Administration in major ofFinance and Banking at Economic and Finance Institute. After I graduated, Ijoined National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) as a Monetary Officer in Siem ReapBranch in 2016. My responsibility is controlling on cash in-out flow andreported to branch manager, and monetary division in head office. My daily workis mostly related to booking cash flow that keep me thinking every day toimprove my soft skill to be more professional in accounting. Luckily, I wasintroduced by my senior who is a former student of SNAI. Thus, I found theopportunity that Master of Professional Accounting is the best match for me toimprove myself for eternity develop my skill. Furthermore, the background ofSNAI and instructors have earned me trust, professional and expectation toacquire my knowledge in accounting to be more professional. Learning Chineselanguage is also one of the reason I chose to study here as I saw 3 semesters learningChinese language in the program.


2.   What is your first impression of SNAI?

Ø SNAI has a warm welcome and taking a goodcare for students. The SNAI’s Campus is a uniquely beautiful, peaceful placeand has brought the great pleasure natural view. The campus has positivelyimpacted my life. These impressions collectively amount to the thoughtful greengrass, trees, building, pond, fishes, birds, with good design, cleanenvironment and well-care, which offer a beautiful view and fresh feeling onto campuslife. Lecture class is fully equipped including projector, comfortable chairsand tables, 2 whiteboards. Moreover, it has cookies, tea and coffee in breaktime. 


3.   When you first arrived at SNAI, did you feel a bit uncomfortable, suchas your hometown misses and differences in learning and culture abroad

Ø I thinkit’s surely “YES” answer for everyone for first time studying abroad, just likeone phrase “No place like home”, where your soul and heart belong to. Becauseit’s not just a few days, but it will take months to years until I graduatedand return back to my country. I remembered when I first arrived in SNAI, therewas typhoon on that night and it was a bit cold for me. I honestly could saythis was the hardest time ever for me because before I come here I just learnsimple several Chinese conversation, but when it came to reality Chinese peopledon’t even understand what I said. Beside language, I fact some difficultieswith some Chinese dishes, those taste are weird.

4.   How do you adjust to overcome and integrate into SNAI life?

Ø I couldsay I am lucky that I have my fellow friends come along and study together,plus my seniors who always guide me and sharing life in here. That’s not enoughyet, international student office always help and giving us warm facilities.Starting course with busy study schedule would probably stop me looking at timeand calendar. This would be sound funny, but this is real and I think this willhappen everywhere when it comes to student life. However, I still have a littlespare time. Playing sport and sight-seeing around Shanghai city could help mereduce my homesickness. In SNAI has a big sport center which has a standardswimming pool, tennis, badminton, and basketball field, gym place, etc. In myspare time, I usually spend time on treadmill and play badminton with myseniors, Cambodia and Laos friends. Big thanks to present technology, I couldmake a video call to my family and friends in Cambodia at any time. So distanceis not the barrier anymore.  

5.   What attracts you to SNAI? Please introduce a class / a teacher / anactivity that interested and impressed you most

Ø Professors in SNAI are all reallyprofessional. Being on time is the rule. As I remember, last time one of myprofessor was a bit late and when he arrived class he gave his apologize forbeing late. That made me reflected to some phrases from his attitude and I alsolearn from that. All professors are great, but I really love the way my IFCprofessor introduce about lecture. Time was short and course was complicated;however, he managed to deliver message to students well and I could understandand catch up at a point of time. 

6.   What are your biggest gains and feelings in SNAI's learning life,and what will be the most unforgettable and memorable after graduation in thefuture

Ø I think I could say I would miss almosteverything in here. The biggest gains and feelings in SNAI’s learning life arebeyond a Master Degree. It is still my original goal to hold master degree andreturn back to my country, though thousand memories still stick in my heart.The most unforgettable and memorable is relationship. This word is wide. Wehave 30 students come from 14 different counties and culture, we would spend 2years together, sharing same class and lectures including group discussions andfield studies. The way that professors deliver message to me make me feel thatI am priceless. I feel like I was nothing and now become something else that Ihave never expected.

7.   How do you think of your academic experience at SNAI, how will ithelp and guide you in your future studies

Ø Istrongly believe that this master program of professional of accounting willhelp me to sharpen my future career growth. Furthermore, I would like tocontribute my knowledge and experiences during my study in China to developCambodia economy in term of professional accounting. Regarding my intention tochase a professional study and career, I can feel that I’m pretty delightfulfor a new experience and a new chapter in my life. Lastly, I hope that I canshare my knowledge especially professional in accounting to the next generationof Cambodia who eager to learn and interested in this skill.

8.   What is your most nostalgic when you graduate

Ø This is not different from I described aboutmy feeling above. I can’t imagine if that day really come, it would be thehardest goodbye ever. I would miss the smell of morning grass, wind blow, birdchirping when I walk from dormitory to class. Talking about classroom, I’mgoing to miss everything in here, especially my friend, my classmate who Ispend most of the time with during my 2-years degree. All activities andmemories are there, those pictures will always pop-up whenever I close my eyes.

9.   Talk about your blessings to SNAI.

Ø First of all, I would like to say big thankto SNAI that open the big door to accept and give me this golden opportunity.Thank SNAI for offering excellent education. Education is the license for thefuture. Working hard today, you will appreciate those efforts tomorrow.Finally, I wish SNAI’s management, officers, professors, and lectures all thebest wishes. Wishing Shanghai National Accounting Institute grow bigger andbigger and become the well-known institute not only in the country but also thetop world-class institute. And to continue her mission to help produce morehuman resources and the world with sustainable and prosperity. 

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