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My life in SNAI -- M Tsawm Hkawn Myanmar

Name: Mrs. M Tsawm Hkawn   Admission Time: September, 2018

Nationality: Myanmar         Graduation Time: July, 2020

Major & Class: Master of Professional Accounting, 2018


1.    Give us a Brief introduction about yourself including but not limited towhy did you choose to come to SNAI? And what was your previous study and work experience in your hometown?

I am Mrs. M Tsawm Hkawn, Assistant Directorfrom Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, Ministry ofInvestment and Foreign Economic Relations, Myanmar. China is very familiar forme and also my country. China forms the border to the north and thenortheast of Myanmar. In my country, there are manyChinese people, Chinese foods and also China products. So, China is the countryI had chosen and then thought about for School/ University. I already heardabout the reputations of SNAI for her beautiful campus, teaching technique and encourageall students like family members, before I have chosen her. That’s why I chosento come to SNAI. I had studied Master degree for Computer Science, Bachelordegree for Economics and Diploma Degree for International Law. First, I had workedas a tutor, assistant lecturer at University of Computer Studies, Mandalay.After ten years, on September 2015, I transferred to this Department, Directorateof Investment and Company Administration Department. According to mydepartmental duty, I am working as case officer and data administrator for thewhole department data such as human resources data, investment data, companyregister data. Moreover, my duty is to record, edit and sometimes release (ifneeds be) Board of Directors meeting minutes.

2.    What is your first impression of SNAI

When I arrived SNAI, first I was seenits beauty and clean campus, so surprise for me. I already heard about that butI thought it’s not like this scenery. I am so wonderful for SNAI beautiful campus.At that time, I, satisfy myself for my choice to come SNAI. I immediately thoughtthat SNAI’s President, all SNAI administrators are well manage and all staffare hardly working. When I have stress, I walk around SNAI campus, lookbeautiful scenery and then I feel happy and become energetic for my future.

3.    When you first arrived at SNAI, did you feel a bit uncomfortable, suchas your hometown misses and differences in learning and culture abroad

Of course, I felt a little bituncomfortable due to a) shanghai foods, b) communication problems, c) feelhomesick, d) English language as a medium of instruction, e) teaching technique and f) different cultures. I would like toexplain detail for my uncomfortable reason: a) I think that Shanghai foodstaste and cooking style are different with other Chinese foods (from mycountry). b) After arriving SNAI, I need somethings that I can’t bring from mycountry, so I would like to buy. I had communication problem when my shoppingtime, conversation with my classmates and others. c) I really miss my familybecause this is my first two years journey to foreign country. d) In mycountry, Burmese is theofficial language and the main medium of instruction from preschool to tertiarylevels. So,it is my first experience for English language as a medium of instruction. e) Teachingtechnique are also different with my past study experiences. f) All myclassmates came from different countries, so we have different languages and cultures.And also, Chinese culture a little bit different with my culture. But it’s nottoo long, I am familiar after one month. Now I am friendly and comfortable atSNAI, and also Shanghai.

4.    How do you adjust to overcome and integrate into SNAI life

During the first week of mytime in SNAI, I feel excited about the change. However, this initial excitementof the change can drop away soon due to warmly welcome from SNAI. SNAIencourage me and all students like family members. Pray to my Almighty God. I doparticipate all the activities of SNAI and keep in regular contact with myfamily. I always observe and curious the new environment. I try to speakChinese language with Chinese people, and ask some questions that I want toknow. In addition, I make friend to other people and respect their cultures.

5.    What attracts you to SNAI? Please introduce a class / a teacher / anactivity that interested and impressed you most

SNAI’s warmly relations andencouragement are attracting to me. I am interesting and impressing allvaluable courses/syllabus. However, the most I like and interested is “StrategyManagement and Leadership” course by President Li. This course is precious anduseful not only for business but also for our daily life. His teaching style andsmiling face are very attractive, and I was very happy, satisfied in hislecture time. We could discuss, share knowledge freely and friendly with him. Igot many valuable knowledges from that course such as how to lead, manage thebusiness, organization and the people, and which strategy should I change oruse when I face dilemma, etc...


6.    What are your biggest gains and feelings in SNAI's learning life, andwhat will be the most unforgettable and memorable after graduation in thefuture

For me, the greatest achievements aremaster degree for Professional Accounting and at the same time I can learn newlanguage (Chinese) from SNAI. I can study academic subject and Chinese language(the world’s second language) concurrently within two years. Chinese languageis also very useful in my country due to China-Myanmar cooperation foreconomic, social or something like that. For me, the most unforgettable andmemorable is my daily life in SNAI, Shanghai, China, after graduation. When I come back to mynative land, surely shall I miss our SNAI plus our unforgettable experiences.


7.    How do you think of your academic experience at SNAI, how will it helpand guide you in your future studies

I am inspired by SNAI’sreputation for educational excellence and for encouraging creativity throughits renowned Accounting program. The academic experiences from SNAI areawe-inspiring. I got a lot of experiences such as criticalthinking skills, analytical and research skills,friendly communication with different people, cultures, group working skills, presentationskills, etc.… I believe that it will help and guide to menot only for future studies but also for my career.

8.    What is your most nostalgic when you graduate

Life is too short; Life is ever changing and nothing ispermanent in this world. But we studied at SNAI together and have become veryclose family members of our SNAI though we are from different countries and wehave different cultures and languages. I will miss all of us (2018 batch), allprofessors, teachers and to all alumni as well. SNAI has great sentimentalvalue for us.

9. Talk about your blessings toSNAI.

I am so proud of SNAI for its honor. I am proud to sayI made the right decision to come SNAI. May SNAI and all SNAI’s family members be blessed with longevity and great internationalreputation.


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