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My name is ROSE JASSEL NGULWA, I come from Tanzania East Africa, I have bachelor of accounting and finance in Mzumbe Universityin year 2017 am an accountant by professional have two year working experience in Consolidated Investment limited working as assistant accountant.

I have bachelor of accounting, an ordinary diploma in local government accounting also a (CPA) certified public accountantcandidate in my country trained to be a professional accountant .I have a goodbase in accounting having come to China Shanghai accounting institute it willadd value knowledge to my accounting field.



SNAI is the best university that provideaccounting course which will be helpfully to my accounting field other thanother university. SNAI does not teach you to be only accountant but it is thecourse for a public servant that should go and serve their country.

SNAI is the best university that teach youhow to behave as government officer what should you do when you go back to you county as China is developed country what are things you as a governmentofficer should adopt to your county to develop, Introduction to china is one ofthe course which was giving us basic to why Chinese economy successful so far in the past 40 years.

I choose SNAI because I look at our coursestructures Master in Professional accounting Program I find  out is good package not like Master in mycountry within the course I get to know a lot of studies like Chinese language,financial market, introduction to china ,international financial cooperation etc.



Shanghai Accounting institute was my dreamuniversity I was in the college I used search university in China first of allI was searching on the best city in China mentioned Shanghai and Beijing I wasso interested on tourist centre and business centre in Shanghai I look at youtube I found a lot of video that shows how beautiful is Shanghai, I said ‘let me look at the university found in Shanghai then I look at each university and their website I real like Shanghai national accounting institute.

Before coming to SNAI I thought we will bestudying together with Chinese some of the course actually it was so different wewill have the same class with Chinese student. I did not thought we will usecards in our room as key and card for eating it was different.

My impression was the exams will be done all at once for example in my country when you start a course you will have like four semester for each semester you will have time table for all the exam but in SNAI was different exam are conducted not to every course to some of the course like International Financial cooperation you need to prepare thereflection paper which is something good.

Before coming to Shanghai, I thought it would be a modern and bustling city where I could hardly find the footprint of history. I always see the prosperous scene of Shanghai from TV and the Internethears about how fast the economy there develops.

 I arrived in Shanghai I had to cope with the environment so fast as in my country we are not using we chat but in China most of transitions are done by wechat in my country we use to cash .We chat isused for communication mostly while in my country we use whatsap to communicateto my family was not simple to send them pictures you need VPN, to call back to my country is expensive. Being away from home I miss my family but yet I make Chinese friends   learnt the Chinese language for communication then life is easy in China that is the only way to overcome loneliness and homesickness.


SNAI environment attract me when I searchin website it look very good the course which are offered in SNAI attract me too when you visit SNAI website. Macroecomics teacher impress me most first of all she is woman, who is intelligent, confident and beautiful woman. She shows nothing is impossible in regards to gender both women and men can do it .The subject itself was not simple but she make us understand well good English ,she impress me one day I will a professor majoring in accounting ,everything is possible only effort andhardworking is needed.

The class that impress me is the juniorclass of this year ,this class is different than all classes passed though Iwas not there , this class is willing to learnt very hardworking ,cooperative,intelligent class ,and very challenging class during presentation you need toprepare well otherwise you will be asked questions that  you will not be able to answer the questions.The junior class is the class that mostly can speak Chinese I wonder how fast they are this class is amazing class I never meet such a remarkable class in mylife.

The activity that impress me mostly is the lesson on how to sorting trush or cabbage it was very interesting they made it so fun they danced, helping student to know how to sorting trash we understandtheir intention for the day. We were given gifts as motivation to answer questions mostly all students participate so well. This is an importantactivity toward our future for the betterment to our country when we go back toour country I will help my people to know how to sort trash. I will make it abig campaign staring to my village then going further into district level .Sorting trash will reduce air pollution to our environment.



SNAIhas been a good environment for me to study so well since there is good library,enough teachers who can teach me and understand, surrounded with cooperative studentsin my class for group discussion and sharing other skills and knowledge that they have that is the biggest gain I have earned from being in SNAI.

Iwill always remember SNAI with all of my heart  when I will go to my country Ihave gained a lot of Chinese friends who are helpful humble and kind to everypeople and even some of them tried to speak English and teaching me Chinese Iwill never forget SNAI in my mind and in my soul this build a strong relationshipbetween my country and Chinese people


I will always remember SNAI in my wholelife I have never been out of my country to abroad so the scholarship I got wasa one way to come to SNAI and it was the first time to be in China, hopefullyby the grace of God I will get another opportunity to study my PHD in China againsuch a wonderful country with full of good infrastructure big building niceenvironment.



My ambition is to be teacher in university level in area of accounting ,if that’s my ambition joining SNAI has open a way and pave a way to my success and fulfilled my dreams . When I will go back to my country I can apply  for a job for being assistant lecture in theuniversity  teaching accounting subjectas I have a background in accounting this will be easy  to me to get a job in my country .

Ihave a knowledge of Chinese language and I wish I will increase effort to learn Chinese so that I will be able to speak Chinese, by knowing the language willchange my life completely I planning to open a centre that I will be teaching students who wish to study in China giving them basic knowledge of the languageso that when they come in China they will not face difficult in learning the language.

Mylast plan is to study PHD after finishing this Masters inprofessional accounting program then we all know that you cannot have a way to studyPHD if you have not completed masters so this education that I get in SNAI worththan anything first of all the masters that I have is from abroad a developedcountry.

Mostly things that I will remember when I graduate is time to attend in the class the time your given an assignment you have to complete on two days while is the hard subject let assume it is the financial accounting or the financial marketworking under pressure is the mostly thing that I will miss from SNAI thisbehaviour of working under pressure will help me as I will complete my work at the office on time giving out the report on time.     

Your meetings with professors are scheduled at the most inconvenient times imaginable. You  are meeting the professor to submit your title for reflection paper your not sure will he accept the title or not accepting title give you some more time to prepare for another title.

The impossible balance between reflection paper, school and studying. This is still not easy to balance when do you study when do you write the reflection paper you need to submit your assignment this was always unbalanced time table.

Neglecting to speak out loud for an entireday because your reading took over this was fun   i remember it was a financial market where ittook me three days without making stories with friends afraid that I will losematerials in my heard it was the exam that which we prepare more then exam camesimple ,that the course I will miss the most in SNAI.Weekends are no longerfilled with fun and excitement that will happen when graduating no more friends to laugh with , making fun stories Iwill miss to go out during weekend going to Downtown an amazing place ,going tosupermarket together with friends.



Iwish uncountable blessing  to SNAI, that it grow stronger and stronger in Shanghai and outside China that SNAI to beheard all over the world that provide an excellence service to people weappreciate ,we will tell everyone in the world that is a good university tostudy that is SNAI.

My blessing goes to the president of Shanghai Accounting Institute University thathe become wise, intelligent to rule over the university seeing opportunities and took challenges as the key to success, bless Mr President to cooperate andunity people who are coming to SNAI  so that they cooperate with each other  forthe betterment of the university.SNAI to become a top university that intelligent,wise students are produced  than otheruniversity , other university will learn from  what SNAI do , to be a university that  all the good training materials are availableto enable student to apply in their daily lives the education they get from Shanghai  National AccountingInstitute  .

Thank you


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