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Life in SNAI -- Frank Brobbey Ghana

Name: Frank Brobbey        AdmissionTime: 2019

Nationality: Ghanaian        Graduation Time: 2021

Major&Class: Master of Professional Accounting programme


1.   Give us a Brief introduction about yourself including but notlimited to why did you choose to come to SNAI? And what was your previous studyand work experience in your hometown?

My name is Frank Brobbey and I come from Ghana. Growing up as a kid in a local suburb in Ghana, I was never clear in my mind on what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be in future. It always eluded me whenever I was asked about my future aspirations. But one thing I was sure of was mystrong affinity for mathematics and literature. Seemed an unlikely combination because it was almost a misnomer to love both where I come from. I therefore grew increasingly fond of arriving at solutions with numbers and putting interpretation to it. This eventually led me to study Accounting in later yearsand pursue a career in same since Accounting is all about analyzing numbers and making sense out of them. I particularly chose SNAI because of the professional nature of the master’s programme. Master’s in professional accounting is a rare programme and not many institutions offer such a programme. I was therefore happy to join the SNAI family when the opportunity came my way.

I work with the Controller &Accountant-General Department, an institution under the Ministry of Finance ofGhana. My role in this department is to help Ghana implement InternationalPublic Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). IPSAS is a set of accountingstandards issued by International Federation of Accountants to regulate andguide the preparation, presentation and disclosures of the general purpose financial statements in the Public Sector. The Government of Ghana adopted IPSAS in a bid to ensuring more transparency and accountability in the management of public funds. It has been my deepest pleasure to be part of ateam who has the onerous responsibility of ensuring the implementation of thesestandards across public sector entities.


2.   What is your first impression of SNAI

I could nothold back the excitement when I received confirmation of my admission to SNAIs Master of Professional Accounting Programme. There was not a single day I did not lookfor information about the institution. The excitement was too much that I couldnot wait to start the programme. I counted the days and weeks and it seemed along way ahead. But eventually, time was due and I travelled to the beautifulcity of Shanghai, China. Overall, SNAI is a beautiful institution with a goodmix of nature. Personally, I have never seen a learning institution asbeautiful as SNAI. The greenery and free flowing river makes it a natural environment and a healthy one too. The strategic location of the institutionmakes it an ideal place with easy access to transportation and other infrastructure. The facilities are state-of-the-art and they range fromlearning, recreational, accommodation, conference, cafeteria, to mention a few.The staff are amazing people, making sure they attend to everyones need and make life comfortable for all. Everyone in SNAI take their work serious and have busy lives in making the institution what it is.


3.   When you first arrived at SNAI, did you feel a bit uncomfortable,such as your hometown misses and differences in learning and culture abroad

Uponarriving here in SNAI, it was all smiles on my face and curiosity on my mind.Everywhere looked just like I saw when previewing images of the campus. Theunique entrance particularly caught my attention when I passed through thegates and could not believe how beautiful the institution was as I made waythrough the campus. Hardly do you find a good mix of nature anywhere in the big cities but SNAI provides you that. The gardens, greenery, trees and free flowing river were just amazing and I thought to myself, what a goodenvironment to study. I was given a warm reception and welcome by a section ofthe seniors as I entered the registration centre. Immediately I felt relaxedand at home and settled in very well. The time difference though was a challengeinitially and it took me a while to adjust. But it was not long before my sleeppattern readjusted to suit the time zone in Shanghai. I was very happy because everything was provided to make learning comfortable here in SNAI. I love the people, food and culture. It felt good arriving at a time China was celebrating their 40 years of development.


4.   How do you adjust to overcome and integrate into SNAI life

The jet lag had a downturn on me, same with the time difference. But my situation normalized and I overcame it in the early days. All arrangement was put in place by the administration to make life comfortable in SNAI. A senior was given to help me integrate because it would have been difficult doing that on my own.Especially with the usage of facilities, getting accustomed to the food andknowing my way around campus. I must say it was very helpful having a dedicated senior to see to your needs and affairs. It sped up the integration process and helped to get you started for the busy academic life. There was also teambuilding activities to help me integrate. I found those very interesting and entertaining. It helped me to know my colleagues and how things work here oncampus. There were also a few sessions on how to use certain facilities like the library, sports facilities etc. This played a big role in helping us integrate.


5.   What attracts you to SNAI? Please introduce a class / a teacher / anactivity that interested and impressed you most

I amparticular pleased with the course structure and different courses taught underthe programme. I was excited about the opportunity to learn a new language. It is not just any language but Mandarin, as it is now a global language givenChinas status on the globe. The professor of thelanguage course is very experienced and he employs different methods to make sure we have certain level of fluency in the language. I love a lot of developmental courses and I noted the programme have a good balance of developmental courses. I get excited each time we do introduction to China course. It has been my favorite course so far and I have learnt so much from it. It's a rare course as I have never encountered a course like that. Another course which became an eye opener for me is International Financial Cooperation. I learnt so much from this course as well. These are the knowledge and experiences I would be taking with me to help continue the development of my home country.


6.   What are your biggest gains and feelings in SNAI's learning life,and what will be the most unforgettable and memorable after graduation in thefuture

I havelearnt a lot the short time I have been here. The highlights for me would bethe development courses I have studied. These have had a big influence on me.It has shaped my thoughts and my outlook on development. It has given me acertain awareness of how to approach development. These are the experiences Iwill carry to my home country. I love the instructors and the administrators.They are real professionals. The instructors employ various teaching methodslike presentations, research, reflection papers and others. I find these very educative and pivotal to the kind of programme we are doing. I have made some good friends too. Its alwaysexciting to meet people from diverse backgrounds and culture and share ideas.The programme is very comprehensive and challenging, meant to build us into the professionals that we are. The academic schedule is a busy one and you have tobe ready from day one to be able to cope. My learning life has transformed and I enjoy what I read, putting in extra hours in a bid to gain more knowledge.


7.   How do you think of your academic experience at SNAI, how will ithelp and guide you in your future studies

My academic experience has been superb. I love the learning facilities. They are modern and state-of-the-art. The administration work hard every day to make our learning life comfortable, making sure we have all the materials to use in our learning.The instructors are very experienced academicians and professionals and employ effective teaching methods. The academic calendar is a busy one, designed toequip us with requisite knowledge needed for the programme. The programmestructure rewards hard work and therefore requires serious studies. Having understood the demands of the programme, it is important to keep learning hard to attain academic success.

8.   What is your most nostalgic when you graduate

There is afeel good attitude in SNAI. Life here is good and everyone is happy. Personally I havent missed home much because the people here area family to me. After graduation I will always look back and relish the good times. The good academic times, easy life in SNAI and the benefits of the programme are what I will take with me. I will always look back at these and desire for me.


9.   Talk about your blessings to SNAI.

SNAI is raising a set of professionals who are great in their respective fields and doing amazingly well in their professions. It is my wish that SNAI maintains and even builds on its reputation as an institution for higher education in bringing up well trained and talented professionals. 

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