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Along with China series “Painting China” -- Students Activity

On November 11th, 2 classes of international students had an activity about Chinese calligraphy and painting at international conference hall in SNAI.

We invited National first-class artist professor Shen Zhikang to teach us how to use chinese painting brush,sequence of strokes to write “中国”and paint panda.

In order to further strengthen international cultural exchanges and enhance the understanding and recognition of Chinese excellent traditional culture by international students, SNAI organized the “Painting China” activity on November 11, followed by the successful photo exhibition of “Along with China” during the National Day Holiday. Mr. Shen Zhikang, national first-class artist, member of Shanghai Artists Association and Shanghai Calligraphers Association was invited to teach the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy and let the international students have a hands-on experience of the charm of traditional Chinese art.

Finally we've got 3 first award and 1 special award.

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