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Tree-planting Activity Held at SNAI

March 12th is China's National Arbor Day. It was set to inspire people's passions for planting and protecting trees, and to protect and improve the natural environment.

In February 1979, the 5th National People's Congress of People Republic of China made a resolution that March 12th would be taken as Chinese Arbor Day, calling for the whole country to carry out tree-planting activities on this day.

Benefited from the planting activities, more and more Chinese people realize the importance to protect environment and pursue environment-friendly development.It is estimated that 50 billion trees had been planted all over China involuntary tree-planting campaigns during the past years.

To celebrate the 43th Arbor Day, 12 international students from 2019 class joined SNAI’s annually tree-planting activity and contributed their strength to the realization of “Green SNAI”.

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