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The faculty of business management is dedicated to the teaching and research in business management, information management and English language training. The faculty of business management provides high quality courses such as strategic management, information system management, and advanced business English communication to Executive MBA, Executive MPAcc, MPAcc, MBA and full-time post graduate students. It also offers customized short-term training to business executives. In addition, the faculty carries out forward-looking and applied research in business management, accounting informationization, human resources management, and organization behavior. The faculty of business management has 9 professional staff, including 4 professors, 1 senior engineer and 4 lecturers.


Li Kouqing, Professor / Ph.D. Supervisor
Liu Qin, Professor
Cao Shengrong, Professor
Xu Xianguang, Professor
Tang Chaoyi, Ph.D
Qu Yichun, Senior engineer
Zhang Xiangjin, Ph.D.
Ji Zhou, Ph.D.
Liu Meiling, Ph.D.