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Lecture Announcement——Contemporary China: An Introduction, 1979-2020(Part 2)

Lecture:   Contemporary China: An Introduction, 1979-2020 (Part 2)

Time:      19:00-21:00, Dec.11th, 2020


This lecture series covers contemporary Chinese history from the perspective of urbanization and modernity as both a concept and historical reality. With an eye on the present, we shall systematically reflect on the transformation of Chinese politics, economy, society, culture, and foreign relations during the last four decades.


Guest Speaker:

Dr. Dong WANG is distinguished university professor of history, director of the Wellington Koo Institute for Modern China in World History at Shanghai University, and has been a research associate at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies of Harvard University since 2002. Among previous positions spanning North America and Europe, she was chair professor and executive director of the East-West Institute of International Studies (2006-2009), director of the Centre for Asian Studies (2009-2013), and president of the Historical Society of Twentieth-Century China (2012-2014).




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