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Calling for your stories - "The Story of Me and China"

Dear students and alumni

 Whether you are studying at SNAI for the firsttime or had returned to home country after completing the master program, your experienceof studying in China (or online studying) may leave you with lots of feelingsand impressions. The Department of International Graduate Education of SNAI isorganizing this writing activity, calling for your stories, please tell us yourexperiences and perceptions of studying, living in China, or describe China'seconomic development, scientific research achievements, urban outlook, andcultural exchanges from your own perspective. We want to hear your stories ofyou and China. Your participation is mostly welcome!


1.    Requirements

l  Theme:The story of me and China

l  Thewriting can be in any genre, originality is required

l  Language:English or Chinese

l  Length:1500-2500 words

2.    Deadlinefor submission: February 20, 2022.

l  Notes:Participants are requested to send their works in Word format to: herong@afdi.org.cn beforethe deadline.

3.    Honorsand Rewards

All participants whosubmit their works will get a small gift from SNAI for participation. We willreview and select the most interesting stories and recommend it to SNAI’sofficial website and journals as well as MOFCOM newsletter (Once selected, theparticipants will get additional rewards). 

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