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The Story of me and China—written by Ms.Moh Moh Swe (Class of 2019)

Hello China.

Do you still remember me? I am one of the International Students who had studied in China. I am also one part of the people who stayed in Shanghai where the modernized and developed city of China is.

When I look back into my old days, the time of studying in China is unforgettable memorable one. Students who got a chance tostudy abroad have dozens of opportunities and study abroad in China is undoubtedly a way for international students to understand its culture, values,long history and people.

In 2017, I got the chance to study in Shanghai for Master of Professional Accounting Program (MPAcc) in Shanghai National AccountingInstitute (SNAI). As soon as I gained this chance, I could not find any word to express how I felt. That was my first time to study the powerful country, China where is an exciting destination because of the long history, culture,developed economy, modern technology and so on.

I imagined how I would study in China and how I would apply my experiences in China. As one of my imaginations, I studied not only Accounting and Chinese Language but also its living standard and their ways of developing.

According to my throwing back to my university days,anything cannot make me stop from remembering them. So, I wrote down a poem about my university days even if it cannot be filled with the splendid words,but the simple words from the deepest part of my heart.   

University Days

·               Life is full of actions

Between meetings and departures……

Without meetings we cannot depart

Devolution of a departure there is no any meet up.

Meetings and departures are always rhymed.


·               Remembering my classmates and teachers after years

The eyes were filled with tears

The head was full of memories

Everyone is as busy as a bee a lot

Noone escaped destiny’s plot.


·               Everything is fresh inour mind

Hopelife could just rewind

Let’s laugh, play & rejoice

Once become university guys

Now leaves miss and memories.


·               We all were in bliss,Chatting & laughing

Till the moments of separation

When it was time to part

We turned with a heavy heart

We threw back our precious university lives.


·               Today life is full of assurances

And too many anxieties

But those cherished moments

Will live forever in our memories

Will be of long-gone as treasures.

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