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Please kindly submit the Master Thesis Review Form ( for 2016 students)

Please finish the SNAI Master Thesis Review Form according to the following instructions.

Master Thesis Review Form:Do not start on a new line for the thesis title. Put “MPAcc” for major. Time format is May 14, 2018. The “1、Master Thesis Self-Assessment” section shall be both Electronic input and hand-written. Send the filled-up form  (electronic version) via email to the International Student Office (zhenggong@afdi.org.cn)no later than May 9, 2018, who will print it out in duplicate on A4 paper. The international students get the forms back, do the hand-written in the “1、Master Thesis Self-Assessment” section and submit the two hand-written copies to International Student Office no later than May 14 noon, 2018.

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