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Alumni are our valuable assets and major contributors. SNAI's alumni network comprises leaders from diverse job functions, industries, organizations and geographic regions. Our graduates not only play an important role in their own
professions, but also generally help their alma mater to become a world's leading accounting institute.


Through its Alumni Affairs Office established in 2005, SNAI has created a close and active alumni network to organize alumni events, connect graduates and give back to society. Meanwhile, SNAI has also created an ethos for lifelong learning among its students by providing them with learning opportunities both before and after graduation. The Alumni Affairs Office organizes class reunions and alumni day activities, sets up local sub-chapters and various clubs, and hosts post Executive MBA courses, forum, lectures, salon and seminars, so that our graduates can gain access to new knowledge and business insights, learn to appreciate classic literature, expand their social contacts and network to move ahead in their careers. The Office has also reached out to its alumni via micro-blogging and WeChat platform, providing
news release and reconnecting students.


Thanks to the active participation and strong support from our graduates, SNAI has so far set up alumni clubs in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Ningbo, Beijing, Jiaxing, Anhui, Changsha, Hefei, and Wuxi, and LATP alumni clubs in Beijing, Hubei, Henan, Shenzhen, and Yangtze River Delta. These clubs are formed to help our graduates, the Institute and the society at large.


The various activities and elite network have helped our alumni to access more resources and contacts to achieve even higher in their careers. SNAI is dedicated to building a lifelong learning platform to connect trainees of different programs and to reconnect alumni with SNAI. Now, our high-level forums and post Executive MBA Program have already become an important part of the learning experience at SNAI.