Message from SNAI President
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Over the past 10-plus years, under the leadership of MOF and the board of directors and thanks to the joint efforts of its founders and staff, the Shanghai National Accounting Institute has established a strong foothold in continuing education for senior financial executives, Today, we are working relentlessly towards becoming an internationally renowned accounting institute and realizing four sub-goals of being a highland in bringing up accounting talents in China, a think tank for national accounting policymaking and corporate finance, a national aggregator for accounting information, and an international platform for communication and exchange in accounting.

The third industrial revolution has fostered unprecedented economic patterns; and Internet and new energy have promised a brighter future. In the meantime, the everchanging global landscape, evolving technologies and profound reforms have also caused greater complexity and uncertainty. We must therefore implement a strategy of prioritization, differentiation and opening-up, and learn more efficiently so as to get over challenges more effectively and turn our vision into reality.

Just as we attribute our past achievements to all partners, our future success also hinges on the kind support from all
stakeholders. We believe under the leadership of Ministry of Finance and with the commitment of our faculty and staff as well as the great support from our alumni, our dream of making SNAI a beautiful, excellent and happy place can be fulfilled in the near future.