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The faculty of applied economics is committed to becoming a high caliber teaching and research team to disseminate and produce knowledge in economics, public finance, taxation, etc. The curriculum is designed according to the specific needs of different customers such as government, enterprises and degree programs.


Meanwhile, pioneering and applied research is conducted in the areas of public finance, budgeting, taxation policies and practices, managerial economics, macro economics, and game theory. The faculty attaches great importance to team building and external cooperation so as to increase its influence and the applicability of its research.

It has 6 professional staff, including 1 professor, 1 associate professor and 4 lecturers.


Xia Dawei, Professor / Ph.D. Supervisor
Zhaomin, Associate Professor
Pang Jinwei, Ph.D.
Ji Rui, Ph.D.
Zhang Gexing, Ph.D.
Wang Lei, Ph.D.